The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is a narrative interactive episodic adventure video game. In other words, a simplified point-and-click updated to today’s style. Available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, X360 and XOne. It’s the equivalent of an interactive TV series to watch while snuggling together.

The story takes place in the USA around 1986. The characters of the fairytales from our childhood took refuge in the real world to escape the tyranny in their world, the one of fables. The refugees built a clandestine town named Fabletown in the neighborhoods of New-York. The player incarnates Bigby Wolf, the big bad wolf, who plays the role of sheriff to maintain order inside the community of the fables and hide them from humans.

The game starts in front of an apartment. Toad called Bigby because he was hearing some mayhem upstairs. After warning Toad to get himself a charm to have a human appearance or he would end up at the farm, the place where the fables with a non-human appearance are relocated, he goes upstairs. Then we hear a man quarreling with a young woman through the door of one of the apartments. Bigby is forced to enter the apartment (or smash the door, your choice). After that, we discover Woody, the lumberjack of the red riding hood seemingly drunk, slapping a woman wearing a ribbon around her neck and short clothes. Bigby puts himself between the two of them and a fight starts with Woody. The fight ends with Bigby being throw through one of the walls of the apartment block and landing on the top of Toad’s car. After all that, an investigation will start to discover the truth behind what happened and find out who was really the woman with a ribbon.

The company behind this game is named TellTale Games. Unlike a traditional video game, you will not find as much action than with a classic Halo or a game from the Final Fantasy franchise. The majority of the gameplay is to choose some dialogues and push the right buttons at the right times during the fight scenes. Those choices will create your own path in the investigation through the whole five episodes of this video game. Finally, you wil have some reasearch sessions where you will need to find the clues and elements of the setting that will enable the investigation to go on.

Ann-Pier: Very good episodic adventure game. I preferred the interactive action scenes during which you need to push a button at the precise time or repeatingly. This kind of scene takes us out of the monotony of always making dialogue choices and add a lot of spice in the game. Personally, I don’t recommend The Wolf Among Us to be played in couple unless your partner can make quick choices. It would be better in solo with your partner watching you play like he/she was watching a movie.

Anthony: I liked this game, it was very captivating and short. What I preferred the most were the dialogues, the choices of dialogue to be precise. The time allowed is very short. This doesn’t let us think for very long and forces us to take the choice making the most sense for our values. This game seems boring from the gameplay point of view, but the interactive scenario is well written and will keep you attentive during the whole investigation of the big bad wolf.

Our opinion: If your gaming partner likes to watch you play and give you advices, it’s an excellent co-pilot video game. If not, it’s also an excellent solo game. Good game ;)

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