We both decided to start this blog to talk about our success and our failures when we are playing video games together. The first goal of this blog is to share our opinions about video games and find other games. We know that it’s difficult to find a game that we can play with our girlfriend/boyfriend or a least a friend so, like this, we can help the other gamers to find games and play together.

Hello, my name is Anthony and my nickname in the games is generally DF0024. I principally play FPS games. My collection of video games is very diversified and it goes from Viva Pinata to Dead Space. I’m also interested to play the independant games who come from of the smaller productions. I’m more a PC gamer, but I also like to sit on my couch and have a remote in my hand to play. You can find more informations about me on this page, you’ll notice that I’m mainly a technical person.

Hello, my name est Ann-Pier and when I play video games, my nickname is generally Adlez. My favourite games are the Role Playing Games or the Adventure games. I have a lot of differents games in my collection, around 360 on various consoles, from Nintendo 64 to PC. I’m mainly a console gamer, but I play some PC games.

We want to say a big thank you to our friend Anaïs. If she was not there, our website would be a grammar disaster.