Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is, like its name indicates it, the 8th opus of the Mario Kart video games series, another classic of Nintendo, but for the Wii U. Its a mix of bumper cars and obstacle course with the help of diverse objects of Mario’s universe. It’s a game easy to play for everyone.

Mario Kart 8 doesn’t have a story nor a goal other than the one of being better then your opponents and being at the top of the ranking. In solo and in multiplayer, you will play agaisnt eleven other players, humans or non-humans, depending on the gaming mode that you select. Like in the other games of the Mario Kart series, during the race, you can charge in a block of items and randomly obtain one or many items depending on your position in the race. Obviously, the items obtained during the race while being ranked in the last positions got more chance of being advantageous for you then if you are in the first positions.

Mario Kart 8 got the particularity of having a free DLC that contains three Mercedes-Benz and two paying DLC with, each: 3 players, 4 new vehicules and two additional cups with 8 more new courses. The first DLC got additional characters that are: Link, Peach (in her cat version from Super Mario 3D World) and another version of Mario in his Tanooki suit. You can also get the second DLC which characters are: the boy and the girl Villager of Animal Crossing New Leaf, Isabelle (who is the mayor’s secretary from the same game) and Dry Bowser. The release of the second DLC was this Thursday, April 23rd 2015. Moreover, if you buy both DLCs together, additionally to save money, you will obtain 8 color choices for the Yoshi and ShyGuy characters.

Ann-Pier: I liked the new way of playing Mario Kart 8. It’s one of the rare games that I was able to play with my brother online and where there wasn’t much lag. The gameplay is as good on the gamepad then on the Wii Remote even if I prefer playing with the gamepad instead of the Wii Remote. I don’t really have a favorite course, but my favorite character is Link, even if I think that his proportions are a bit messed up compared to the other playable characters.

Anthony: I’d like it if there was more diversity in the races and more elements that modifie the course or that the direction of the race changes because it can become quickly boring for the player that loses everytime. I like the many different playable characters et the diversity in the vehicules that we can select. I’d like it if the race’s map was visible somewhere on the television additionally to the gamepad in multiplayer mode. It’s very frustrating to not know what’s gonna be the next turning to take or what’s in front or behind us in the race. I look forward to be able to play the next DLC that came out this Thursday. My favorite character is Mario in his Tanooki suit.

Our opinion: even if Mario Kart 8 can be played in solo, we recommend to play this game in multiplayer mode to have more fun.

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