Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is a solo RPG video game in open world that can be played in the third or first person view. It was developped and edited by the company Bethesda on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The project started in 2004 and the game came out in October 2008.

The game’s introduction shows us an old abandonned bus of the fifties with a sympathetic music of the same period. The world has endured many nuclear attacks and those that wished to survive took refuge in the underground shelters. After those attacks, those that survived only found a wasteland. The only shelter that never opened its doors is the shelter 101, our character’s.

The game’s period is around 200 years after the nuclear war in the USA in 2277. The game starts when our mother gives us birth. It’s at that moment that we choose the gender and the adult physical appearance of our character. After those choices, our mother dies following the birth. Then arrives the age when our character can crawl. We go toward our book for kids “you’re SPECIAL!” to allocate our points in strengh, perception, stamina, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck.

After a few more jumps in the future to show us how to play, the game starts. We are awakened by our childhood friend, Amata. The henchmen of our friend’s father are looking for us while our own father is gone under cover without warning us. So we have to leave shelter 101 too. To add to our misfortune, our dad had left the task to Jonas, his closest friend, to warn us about his plans. Unfortunately, he was killed before he could tell us anything. Luckily, we can recover a recording that he had on him. We get out of the shelter and find ourselves in the wastelands, alone, with the goal of finding our father.

During your adventure in the wastelands, you’ll have the possibility to own different weapons and armors that will strenghten your character. Those will lose durability as you use them, but you can fix them with the help of your ability in repair and a similar weapon or armor. It’s like you use the pieces of a broken weapon to fix the one in a better state so it can hit harder, better resist hits or have more value when resold. Other abilites, other than repair, and some skills will have to be upgraded during the story and will make your life easier in the game. It’s up to you to allocate you skill points and make the right choices depending on your way of playing. Also, your karma and choices you make during your game will have an impact on the story’s ending.

Ann-Pier: I want to say that the type of game which I’m less comfortable with is FPS. However, there’s been one or two exceptions to that rule, like Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. I had a lot of fun playing this game, for the amazement of Anthony. The strong points of this game are, in my opinion, having free will and having the possibility of killing anyone we want in the game. I think it adds some fun even if we need to think well about it before killing an NPC because a quest or a part of the story might not be available if it’s not alive. You can also have more enemies if you don’t make the right choices. The story is excellent and the dialogues as well as the dark humor of the characters make the immersion in the game even stronger. The gameplay is also a strong point since we can switch between first person mode to third person depending on our playstyle. The ability to stop the time to aim an enemy’s body part and the percentage of luck of aiming that part enable us to think of an attack strategy. The weak point is that in most of Bethesda’s games, the loading time is very long, but we forgive them because the map and game time in themselves are huge.

Anthony: I liked Fallout 3 for its narrative aspect taking place in an uncertain future of post-apocalyptic science-fiction. However, Bethesda is not a company whose games I play to play, but to live a story. I didn’t like watching someone play this game, but I liked playing by myself and discovering its multiple stories. The big aspect that I hated was the inventory managing, I don’t see how it can be fun to manage it. Futhermore, at each interaction with the environment or a NPC, you will have to manage your items and ask yourself those questions: What do I keep or don’t? Does this thing have more value then the other? Does the durability makes it a good investment to keep it in my inventory? I don’t want to play Inventory Manager 8000. I’d also have preferred it if we had the possibility of selecting an enemy and always have its HP bar visible on the screen. This could have made the fights less chaotic.

Our opinion: For your own fun, we suggest to play this game alone unless your friend or partner has enough patience to be your co-pilot during your adventure in the wastelands. Good game =D

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