Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is a video game developped by Trendy Entertainment and on sale since 2010. This game combines the tower defense and action RPG genres and takes place in a medieval universe. It is playable on iOS, Android, PC, PS3, Mac and Linux. A second opus is currently available in early access on Steam since December 5th 2014.

We are in Etheria, a place of living legends in which, a long time ago, courageous warriors named champions fighted together an immortal demon known by the name of Ancien. After many battles, the champions won the war and sealed the demon’s power in Eternia crystals. But lately, the heroes of legends were called to go in far away lands and had to leave their young children alone so they can take care of the castle and other tasks during their absence. During the housekeeping, the young children accidentally freed an ancient force that was asleep for a very long period. The children will have to take their weapons and courage in hands quickly to protect the Eternia crystals against those that will want to bring back the ancient demon.

You will incarnate those children that each have a different class and different weapons for battle. You will start with the squire, the apprentice, the huntress and the monk, but it’s possible to incarnate other character classes if you buy them via DLC. The game takes place over a wide choice of levels, each level possess multiple gates that enable the enemies to reach and attack the Eternia crystals that you have to protect at all cost. The players needs to stop, with the class’s unique ability, the multiple waves of ennemies. The goal is reach when all the level’s waves are eliminated and that the crystals are still intact.

Ann-Pier: I liked playing Dungeon Defenders. The visual is beautiful, colored, and the music is cool. It’s more focused on multiplayer than solo and I think it’s more fun to play it in cooperation with other players than alone. I think it’s amusing as well as easy to learn and play for everyone. When you go online, it’s easy to join a created game by another player. You’ll level up your own character quicker, find better weapons and armors to equip it and will be then more efficient against your ennemies. The DLC are at affordable prices on Steam which is not the case of all games. The biggest difficulty in the game is, in my opinion, to find the good weapon for the character that we play. My favorite character is the squire, because his traps attack at distance while the character himself is focused in attacking in melee. Despite some small bugs, Dungeon Defenders is a very good video game that I suggest you to try ;)

Anthony: I liked Dungeon Defenders more for the strategic orientation of the defenses than for the player’s individual abilities, unlike Orc Must Die 2 in which the player’s implication in the battle is essential to the victory. In Dungeon Defenders, as long as the players installed their defenses, it’s possible to abandon some parts of the level to focus on more specific unites, like: the tanks, the healers or the bosses. The two characters that I like playing are, first, the squire, because I like controlling the crowd while being comfy in my pants! The other character that I prefer is the summoner. The summoner brings a whole different way of playing in this universe with a different strategy since his better defense is to attack!

Our opinion: We recommend you to play this game in multiplayer mode, but not only at two. Invite your friends in the game for a maximum of fun in cooperation =D.

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