Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an arcane action type game played on your mobile. It uses the base concept of Frogger on a 21st century business model, the free-to-play. It’s an hazardous game playable on the go.

You will incarnate an animal or a creature whose goal is to jump as far as possible without dying. You simply need to move on using tactile controls to jump forward, backward, to the right and to the left. Your path change all the time, it can become an highway where cars and trucks rolls on at different speed, or herbs and trees blocking your way, water and tree trunks coming from left and right at different speed too or rails on which high speed trains are passing and squash you. On top of being smashed by a vehicle, squashed and drowning yourself, your race can end up by you being caught by an eagle if you take took long to move. You can also be eaten by crocodiles if you jump on their heads.

All those elements appear randomly as you go. To vary your fun, you win silver coins that enables you to acquire new characters. Those characters will bring new zones, sounds or new special powers modifying slightly your game experience. You will receive a gift of coins every six hours, the amount of coins from it varies every time. However, if you don’t have the patience to wait, you can buy the character you want right away with real money.

Ann-Pier: I loved playing Crossy Road from the first game. It’s an easy game to learn and contrary to some free-to-play, it doesn’t take a lifetime to open. The level’s elements that appear as you go are random and makes all game unique. My favorites characters until now are the festive chicken and the duckling.

Anthony: What i particularly like, and I’d like to find this feature in way more games, is the launching speed. Opening and starting a game is done in less then twelve seconds. The characters that we can unlock enable more variety in the fun. The ranking between friends can quickly raise the competition. My favorite character is the brown bunny, which I fondly call, chocolate bunny. I appreciate the fact that the monetary aspect doesn’t force you to invest money to progress in this mobile game contrary to many free-to-play games.

We certify this game solo.

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