Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a mobile application made by the company Etermax, located in Argentina. Its first publication was in 2013 and it is available free of charge on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Facebook.

Trivia Crack is a competitive video game opposing 2 players to test their knowledge. You can play versus a complete stranger, your neighbor, you brother, your sister, your father, you mother or even a Facebook friend. The 6 categories cover questions of general culture and have as themes: Arts, Sciences, History, Geography, Sport or Entertainment. There’s 2 playing modes available: classic and duel.

The classic mode is played by answering to a maximum of 3 questions from one of the 6 categories randomly chosen. Then, you will have to accumulate the 6 game characters before your opponent by answering a 4th question to obtain it. If you answer wrong, it will be the turn of your opponent to answer the questions and vice versa until one of you obtained the 6 characters of Trivia Crack before the other player. When it’s your turn or your opponent’s to play, you have 48 hours to do it or the game will expire. It’s possible to steal a character acquired by your opponent by answering a small duel of 5 questions, but you have to bet one of yours in exchange. If you succeed to answer correctly to more questions then your opponent during the duel, you win his character and keep the one you bet. However, if you lose the duel, your opponent keep his character and gets yours also.

The duel mode is similar to the classic mode and is played faster. Firstly, you select the players versus which you want to play. You can be up to 30 people playing on the same game. Then, you answer 12 questions as fast as possible and when you’re done answering, it’s the other players’ turn. They will have 24 hours to answer to the same number of questions. The one that have the most good answers wins the game! If there’s an equality, the player who was the faster to answer is the winner.

Ann-Pier: It’s a mild game that’s, in a way, played quickly. The fact that it’s a free game translated in many languages help to attract new players. I didn’t particularly like nor dislike it. One of the reasons why I liked it less is that the time limit for a classic game is 48 hours. It’s very long. It’s so long to wait on your opponent to play his turn that, to finish a game, it can take weeks. Moreover, it’s not rare that he or she will get bored of it and the current game will expire. I think Trivia Crack helps us with our general culture, but I wouldn’t have seen it as a video game. I would have made it as a board game to play around a table with friends and family.

Anthony: In the beginning, I was seduced by the concept’s simplicity and the fun of playing with my relatives with which it’s kinda difficult to play a video game. It was a pleasant experience. However, after the first days of fun, Trivia Crack quickly became a redundant weekly task and not very pleasant, especially with the quantity of started games with people that I know and complete strangers. The imposed time limit is perfect to keep a game interesting with a player, but personally, I didn’t need a new task in my day. A video game, for me, is a source of fun and not a source of frustration. Since, I play occasionally and with moderation.

Our opinion: We suggest to play this multiplayer game, especially with your family members and friends.

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